Wash Ladies and Gents Suits
10 Oct2017

Separate washing and dry cleaning rules exist for different categories of suits While talking about business or job wears, nothing is similar between the men and women’s clothing. So, leave out the notion of treating both clothing the same way. Although there is no hard and fast rule about when to dry clean a suit […]

Zip Repair
6 Oct2017

Zipper remains fit for a long time, with due care Stuck zipper is always problematic The zipper is a very useful thing in these days. Its use is not new on or with fabrics but in these days it is used widely or even it is used in the place of buttons as well.  Anyhow […]

Leather Outfit
22 Sep2017

Following Simple Precautions Can Prolong the Life of your Leatherwear The leather is a very delicate material, although it does not show it by its name or by the raw it is made. But when you are using it for your wearing purpose as an outfit or shoes, it forcefully asks for care or it […]

Woolen Coat
9 Sep2017

It is very easy to wash them at home but need some care as well Wool coat is very useful for winter seasons, preserve it and give proper care to it Wool is a very durable stuff that pays you back in the same coin by long life span with you if you give them […]

Dry Cleaner and a Tailor
16 Aug2017

Who is more reliable for a perfect alteration of an expensive outfit? This is a very tricky topic to discuss as sometimes the tailor is the best while in some situations, dry cleaner becomes your party saviour. When you purchase an item, you want to look good in it. A shabby dress will never keep […]

Raincoat Dry cleaning
8 Aug2017

Dry cleaning the raincoat is a complicated task When it comes to a raincoat, one might think that cleaning it is an easy task as it may not absorb anything and hence nothing will penetrate inside. But this notion is not correct, the layer with which the coat is made rain proof is not permanent […]

Washing Process
29 Jul2017

The whole washing process is a chain work Washing clothes is an art that requires intensive care and technique Human beings wear different types of clothes according to their choice, regarding seasons and for its protection. Clothes get stained, grime and dirt by use and require washing and cleaning. Washing clothes is a very necessary […]

17 Jul2017

If you want odor free jeans, put it into a poly bag and store it in your refrigerator Jeans are rough and tough but they require proper care also Jeans is a popular dress all over the world. It is a dress of all seasons. World’s best jeans is a denim jeans. It is made […]

Woolen Clothing
12 Jul2017

Be kind to this delicate material and prolong its presence in your wardrobe No matter whatever material you wear in the winter, the one thing which is a guarantee to save you from outside cold are the woolen clothes present in your wardrobe. The way this material blocks the winter breeze, no other material can. […]

Favorite Sleeping Bag
6 Jul2017

Take special steps to get the same cozy sleep from your touring companion Getting the most out of your sleeping bag is the one thing desired, especially when you are fond of traveling and camping and always want your favorite sleeping bag to be with you for a homely feeling. But these things do not […]