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Curtain Cleaning Specialists

David Barnes staff are trained in the cleaning and finishing of your curtains and household goods, which is really a specialty in its' own right.

Your curtains will be carefully measured before cleaning, all furnishings are then checked for any difficult staining, before being thoroughly and gently cleaned by the appropriate method.

We use specialist processing, which releases the soiling, cleansing the material and retexturing the fabric at the same time. Carefully controlled low temperature drying minimises the risk of shrinkage and distortion. After drying the curtains are carefully hung and checked for residual stains or marks.

Light Coloured Curtains Cleaned

Curtains with pale backgrounds, may often suffer from yellowish streaks or banding, down the folds of the curtain. This is caused by atmospheric pollution and is hard to remove. Very often it is not soiling as such, but a change in the actual colour of the material.

Standard safe processing may not result in total removal. Sometimes further treatment is possible, and if you would like us to proceed further, then please discuss this with our staff, who will be pleased to advice.


Soft furnishing fabrics are not usually preshrunk when purchased, and the manufacturer will often specify a tolerance of 5 percent allowance. This is one reason why dry-cleaning, as opposed to washing, is very often recommended.

Whilst our processing and drying is very gentle and well controlled, there will be a few rare instances, when we will not be able to achieve the original length or size. In the few instances, it is normally possible to cure the problem by altering the heading or similar adjustment.

Interlined Curtains

When curtains are interlined they may, in some cases, need some adjustment after cleaning to achieve a perfect finish as there could be some movement in one of the fabric layers.

Curtain Sunlight Damage Restoration

Whilst your curtains have been in use, they will have been exposed to daylight and the sun to differing degrees. The lining protects the curtain fabric from the sun, and in consequence there may come a time when the linings begin to collapse after cleaning.

This effect, in some cases, may be noticeable before cleaning is undertaken, and we will do our best to notify you in advance when we are concerned about this. There will however still be some instances when this will only become apparent after processing.

Curtain fabric itself is normally only effected on the unlined edges or when the curtain does not have a lining. We are sure that you will appreciate that the sunlight damage therefore is not our responsibility.

Matching Curtain Sets Cleaning

Household furnishing fabrics are subject to localized abrasion , wear and soiling during normal use. Drycleaning or laundering will naturally, as part of the cleaning process, expose any slight change in colours or wear of the fabric.

We strongly recommend therefore that all pieces of a set are cleaned at the same time, to minimise shading variations.

Curtain Repairs & Alterations

A service that we have built up over a number of years, and continues to expand.

We are able to offer Curtain alterations which include:

» Remaking edges

» Shortening

» New Headings

» Re-lining

For more information, please contact us

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Prices From Curtain Cleaning (per Square M2)
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  • per 1kg £ 11.55

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